I could honestly say that at least once a day I have a client ask me why I should exercise or what is the benefit of clean eating. Well if you haven’t heard it enough or seen the reasons why let me give you a handful to get your mind thinking about it and maybe fuel your soul into wanting to get up and hit the gym or park and start moving. Here is my top, straight to the Point, 20

1 – lifts your mood
2 – improves learning abilities
3 – builds self esteem
4 – keeps your brain fit
5 – boost your immune system
6 – reduces stress
7 – improves sleeping patterns
8 – helps reduce the risk of stroke
9 -improves muscle strength
10 – improves body image
11 – improves your confidence
12 – exercising helps you focus on healthier eating habits
13 – strengthens your bones
14 – improves posture
15 – helps to lower cholesterol levels
16 – helps lower blood pressure
17 – increases energy levels
18 – improves joint function
19 – alleviates anxiety
20 – improves your quality of life


[quote align=”right”]There are so many more points i could go into and expand on but i hope that simple list will get you off the couch and out and about and start moving your way to healthier stronger life. [/quote]

Author: Dominic Pavicic Date: 28 May 2014

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