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Top 3 tips on how to stay motivated this winter

It’s getting cold and finding the motivation to exercise in these dark, freezing and wet months is a lot harder than normal.

I’ve found that if you find you’re constantly hitting the snooze button and missing sessions, it comes down to one main reason; attitude. It’s true that the temperature and light has a direct impact on our body’s rhythm, and it causes us to change from our summer habits causing us to eat more and participate in less activity.

Over the years I’ve managed to switch my attitude and appreciate exercising in the cooler months. I actually enjoy the change of season and strongly believe that it’s possible for each and every one of you to do the same. Why would you just want to be healthy and active for the warmer months when you could enjoy the benefits of complete health all year around?

Embracing the change of season will not come naturally for most people. Just like many of Momentum Lifestyles’ good friends, it’s common for people to follow the sunshine around the world.

If you can’t do this and you’re lacking motivation right now, here are my 3 favourite tips that got me loving the change of season:

1. Set goals

Setting short-term goals are the best motivator all year round. Whether you want to run in the City to Surf, compete in a body building competition or lose some of that winter weight, setting measureable short term goals will keep you from hitting that snooze button. Make sure you write them down, keep it somewhere visible and keep yourself accountable.

2. Get a training buddy or trainer

Find someone with similar goals to you. This person will be with you every step of the way through the cold months.

3. Think about the benefits

Not hitting snooze at 4:30am is hard when it’s raining and dark outside. To beat that snooze button constantly remind yourself of the benefits that exercise brings you. Think about going to work being full of energy, lowering your stress levels and feeling fantastic every day of the year. Not only that, remind yourself that every time you choose to get up out of bed you’re one step closer to hitting the goals you set.

Best of all when the weather starts to get better, you’ve already had months of training under your belt and already look like a million bucks!

Jerome Felix

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